SE I POVERI SMETTESSERO DI RIPRODURSI I RICCHI LI CREEREBBERO ARTIFICIALMENTE (Act 3) - as part of the group show "Souvenir" @ Spazio Murat - Bari - video projection '8"30, clothes peg sculptures (sun, bike, water well, rocking chair, swing), shelves, fabric, twine, decorations, glitter paint.


This is the third and final iteration of a three-act mise-en-scène, first started at  FUTURA (Prague) and then at Auto Italia (London). In this new re-configuration, the original audio-video animation has been set inside a white booth in the shape of a chapel, furnished with wooden clothes peg sculptures inspired by online tutorials dedicated to DIY crafts. Similar to puzzle made with bones, these fragile constructions evoke leisure and restorative human activities and are animated by an amateur and ornamental attitude. This becomes the new scaffolding for that agonizing, aphasic vocalization of Jim Morrison's "Light My Fire" song staged in the previous acts.


Photography: Fabio Ingegno


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